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KNeoWorld technology-based learning programs are developed under the guidance of experienced and credentialed educators with expertise in how children with special needs learn. We are indebted to our advisory team and all other education professionals who have provided input to help us continually improve our programs to an integral and positive resource for teachers of children with special needs.

Assoc. Prof. Wee Hoe Tan, PhD Games-based Learning

Technology based Learning Content Advisor

Dr Tan serves as an advisor to KNeoWorld to ensure its technology-based learning educational content helps special needs children achieve their full potential. Dr Tan joined the KNeoWorld team in an advisory position in 2012. He holds the Doctorate in Games-based Learning from the University of Warwick, UK. He presently serves as Director of the Education Research Laboratory, Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI) Malaysia. In addition, Dr Tan is the Malaysian Games-based Learning Association President and a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Game-based Learning.

Prof. Laurie O'Donnell

Learning Content and Curriculum Development Consultant

Laurie O'Donnell serves as a consultant to KNeoWorld, providing guidance on educational content and assessment of how special needs students improve their academic skills. Mr O’Donnell joined the KNeoWorld team in 2012. He has spent more than 30 years in education, including acting as a national leader of educational technology developments in Scotland. Presently, he is a visiting professor of learning innovation and technology within the University of Abertay School of Arts, Media and Computer Games.

Mary J. McInerney, PhD Education

Educational Program Advisor

Dr Mary J. McInerney serves as an advisor to KNeoWorld providing guidance on educational content and assessment of student learning based on use of KNeoWorld technology-based learning programs. Dr McInerney joined the KNeoWorld team after a 41-year career in education culminating in her role as principal of the Hungerford School from 1988 to 2017. At the Hungerford School, a NYC public school that serves severely challenged special needs students, she led the transformation of an underperforming school to national recognition, including receipt of the US Department of Education Blue Ribbon award. Dr McInerney holds the Master of Arts in Special Education from Adelphi University, the Master of Science and Professional Studies in Education Administration and Supervision from Pace University, and the Doctorate in Education from Columbia University. She is an Advisory Member of the New York State Department of Special Education and a member of the Association for Supervisors and Curriculum Development, the Council for Exceptional Children, and The Association for the Severely Handicapped. She is a licensed New York State School District Administration and Special Education Teacher.

Jeffrey A. Huart

Professional Development Consultant

Jeffrey A. Huart provides education content counsel and professional development to educators in how to use KNeoWorld technology-based learning to improve learning and behavior among special needs students in NYC public schools. Mr Huart joined the KNeoWorld team after a 32-year career in education in the NYC public school system, where he was a special education teacher in Brooklyn for eight years before assuming the position of Special Representative for the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), which he held for 25 years. At the UFT he represented members in equitable arbitration of grievances. He also led development training programs for educators, including conflict resolution, health and safety, and political lobbying. Mr Huart holds the Bachelor of Arts in Education from Brooklyn College and the Master of Arts in Special Education from Adelphi University. He is a licensed and certified teacher in New York City.

Damian O’Sullivan

Director of Strategic Relationships

Damian O’Sullivan provides professional development and learning content guidance to educators and special needs students using KNeoWorld programs in Australia and Asia. Mr O’Sullivan joined the KNeoWorld team after a long career teaching English language skills to non-English speakers in Australia, Japan, and Brazil to ensure their access to higher education. Prior to joining KNeoWorld, Mr O’Sullivan was a consultant to the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education to develop programs to improve assessment of student learning and teaching methods. Prior to that he served as a consultant to Swinburne University in the design of technology-enabled programs that assist learners challenged by traditional teaching and learning methods. He is an award-winning online education publisher for the Australian government’s Flexible Learning Initiative and The Curriculum Corporation’s Learning Federation, as well as a founding member of the eLearning Association. He holds the Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from University of Melbourne affiliate, Hawthorn Institute of Education.

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