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Technology-based learning for kids of all ages

We captivate imagination and unlock hidden potential

KNeoWorld engages kids at their own level to help them build confidence, solve problems, focus, reason, and be resilient. Our programs are designed for all learning abilities, with specialized programs that help special needs students reach their potential.

Jacqueline A. Nunn, EdD
Professor and Associate Dean, Johns Hopkins University
Director Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education


We help kids achieve through technology — school by school, classroom by classroom, student by student


We work with educators to create learning programs that enhance academic performance and allow teachers to assess individual progress in real time over time.

Our extensive proprietary analytics allow teachers to monitor individual student performance in seven categories of learning:

  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Art
  • Memory
  • Reasoning
  • Reading comprehension

Building knowledge is an essential key to education—and technology is an essential resource in building knowledge. Connecting kids through technology is a necessary part of the equation to effectively teach and adequately learn.


KNeoWorld programs make a difference in how kids learn — and how we teach them

KNeoESP — Exceptional Student Program

Specifically curated for special learners. Advanced analytics allow for educator assessment and reporting.

KNeoESP Student benefits

  • Immersive learning
  • Focus improves behavior
  • Engagement improves concentration
  • Progress at their own pace
  • Collaborative-learning opportunities
  • Memory and reasoning skills improve

KNeoESP Analytics and reporting

  • Analytics dashboard for instant teacher feedback
  • In-depth progress reporting
  • Score by task, level and time
  • Control student progression
  • Understand what students enjoy
  • Comprehensive printable reports

KNeoEd Story Adventure

A 24-episode quest that takes kids of all abilities on a journey of discovery and learning and allows educators to create progress reports on reading and reading comprehension for each episode.

KNeoEd Student benefits

  • Engages and keeps students focused
  • A learning journey of 24 episodes
  • Over 120 tasks, and activities
  • Progress at their own pace
  • Collaborative-learning opportunities
  • Memory and reasoning skills improve

KNeoEd Analytics & reporting

  • Reading and comprehension tests throughout
  • Interactive graphs show student progress
  • Insight into student learning patterns
  • Students are drawn to the graphics as they learn
  • Score by task, level and time
  • In-depth printable reports


Creating innovative learning tools that inspire and educate

KNeoWorld technology-based learning is in active use throughout the public school system in all five boroughs of New York City in general education and special needs classrooms.

The KNeoWorld team works closely with educators and administrators of curricula being developed to help students of all abilities master academic and life skills so they can reach their full potential and live meaningful lives. To read more about our team of education advisors, please click Educator Advisory Board.

Our people are skilled educators who conduct focus groups in general education and special needs classrooms to help us develop new programs based on real teacher feedback and research. We use this input, and student involvement and observation, to modify our programs, challenge levels, scoring systems, and analytics to ensure we meet teacher and student needs that achieve educational goals.

Professional development workshops are held in schools for principals and teachers who participate in the KNeoWorld education program.

All KNeoWorld programs are password protected and secure. They are free of pop-up advertising and links to other sites. We are a global company and diligent in our compliance with international regulations regarding Internet child safety. Our programs meet United States COPPA compliance standards.

Contact Us

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