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KNeoWorld Galaxy Rising

Epic Adventure Story and Games
App for Kids Aged 6-12

KNeoWorld in short:

KNeoWorld Galaxy Rising is a new 24 episode series that takes kids on an epic adventure where they follow the story and solve puzzles to help the kid explorers resettle the abandon Earth and save humanity.

KNeoWorld – the full story:

KNeoWorld features stunning graphics punctuated with learning games that drive the plot and help kids learn cognitive, problem-solving and reasoning skills. As players work their way through KNeoWorld episodes, their Arcade accumulates games that they can go back and play anytime. Unlike others on the market, this product combines a comic book of 4 episodes with over 20+ games in the first release. The full series is comprised of 24-episodes & 120+ games – each one takes the player on an engaging learning adventure that keeps them entertained for hours.

Already a huge hit in Australia and Europe, it’s perfect for entertaining kids, while educating them, and is being used as an additional education resource in a number of New York City public schools. Additionally, KNeoWorld is a simple and highly effective fundraising tool as 50% of net proceeds can be donated back to schools and youth organizations from every App or membership purchased – check it out at

    Key Features

  • Engaging games, puzzles and brain-teasers
  • Hours of adventure and entertainment
  • Designed to foster logic and critical thinking
  • 3 Players per membership
  • A comprehensive player progress dashboard
  • An Arcade of games that grows with each episode
  • Teacher-approved and used in classrooms
  • Played as an App or Online

The Galaxy Rising App is only $4.99 for 4 thrilling episodes and over 20 games. Get it at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


KNeoWorld features simple finger tap and swipe controls, making it intuitive and easy to play. As kids play through KNeoWorld’s episode adventures, an arcade accumulates standalone games that they can access and play anytime. To progress through each episode, players must complete game challenges, which reinforce the plot and content of each episode.

About KNeoWorld

We are educators, game designers, and parents with one philosophy: any child can learn with the power of game-based learning. Over the last five years, we have worked with teachers, administrators and master educators to create educational online games that work across devices to support learning and engagement in and out of the classroom. KNeoWorld is a subsidiary of KNeoMedia, an Australia-based game developer traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: KNM).


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December 2016
KNeoMedia Limited
The KNeoTeam
Apple & Android Tablets & Phones. Also online for all platforms.
The App is only $4.99 for the first 4 thrilling episodes with over 20 games. The series is 24 episodes and over 120 games that download in packs of 4.
Awards &
COPPA Compliant, Parent Tested Parent Approved and Toyman Award

App Video


  • “Homecoming”
    After many years in space, the KNeoExplorers land on Earth, to set up camp – but what will they find? The answer is in the games and brainteasers!

  • “Down the Hole”
    Mysterious events unfold. They stumble on an ancient empire and things get very scary. The puzzles must be solved to unlock the vault……

  • “Friend or Foe”
    It’s scary times alone in the woods - and who’s the unexpected stranger lurking! Play the games to keep them safe…

  • “Not Alone”
    There’s DNA and an underground ice cave – what could this mean for the KNeo team? They’ll need clever gameplay to get them through this….



What is KNeoWorld?
KNeoWorld is an epic adventure story delivered in a series of episodes and engaging games for kids 6-12yo. Players follow the story and solve puzzles to resettle the abandoned Earth and save humanity. KNeoWorld’s games are designed to build skills in reading, math, logic and critical thinking while sparking imagination and providing hours of entertainment. Available on desktop, tablets and mobile devices as an App. Includes a parent dashboard to monitor usage and progress.

How much is the KNeoWorld game app?
The App is only $4.99 for 4 thrilling episodes and over 20 games. Get it at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The complete series is 24 episodes and over 120 games that download in packs of 4 – each one takes the player on an engaging learning adventure that keeps them entertained for hours.

What are the proven benefits of game-based learning?
Among the many benefits, studies show that gamified learning provides better motivation and encouragement as opposed to only learning in a classroom. It is also ideal for deeper learning, providing kids with unbiased feedback on their progress while giving them a judgment-free zone to sharpen their skills.

How many episodes and games are included in each mission pack?
Four (4) vivid and exciting story episodes and over 20 games in each pack 

What’s Next for KNeoWorld?
Galaxy Rising is just the first mission. A new pack of episodes will be available next followed by a further 24 Episodes for the first season of missions.

Is KNeoWorld available in my country?
KNeoWorld is available in the United States and most other countries around the world. In Australia the UK, Europe, and some other Asian countries, KNeoWorld is sold under License by a distributor and being successfully marketed under a different brand.

How does fundraising work with KNeoWorld?
It’s very simple! For every KNeoWorld App or membership purchased by a registered school or organization, KNeoWorld will donate 50% of the net proceeds back. All the school or organization has to do is to promote their fundraiser to the community using the personalized marketing kit (that we provide) and that’s it –fundraising done! Learn more here.

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Current Version -1.0
Requires - iOS 9 & Android 4.3 or above
Content Rating- Everyone 3+
Interactive Elements -None Apply
In-app Products $4.99

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