What is Edutainment? Edutainment is content designed to both educate and entertain. KNeoWorld was created with a new generation of learners in mind ‐ kids want to be simultaneously engaged and challenged by a rewarding gaming experience.

Our stories and games will increase your child’s cognitive skills while appealing to their active imagination. Your child will love the KNeoWorld story and diverse cast of characters. You’ll love the difference you’ll see in their academic performance and intellectual curiosity.


With so much focus on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math), it’s easy to forget that children also need other skills to succeed. These are often called “21st‐century skills” and include the ability to solve problems, be creative, work collaboratively, and communicate well. KNeoWorld recognizes the importance of such skills to your child’s development and aims to strengthen them through innovative and challenging games.

Our episodes take players on a heroic quest while developing the academic and critical thinking skills they need in today’s world. KNeoWorld is subscription based, Safe for Kids and COPPA Compliant, with no advertising or pop‐ups.

  • Touch-based Learning


  • Visual Learning


  • Learning by Hearing


Here is what Dr. Laurie O’Donnell, Professor of Learning Innovation at the University of Abertay Dundee has to say about game‐based learning:

“Well‐designed games can transform tedious practice‐and‐drill learning materials into highly motivating and fun experiences.”

“We all need to have our achievements recognized. Games provide instant recognition of success and give us clear targets to do even better, whether that is a place among the high‐scores or simply achieving a personal best score.”


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