Are Tablet Games Good for Kids?

In a world where technology is the norm, many parents are wondering how much is too much and how to integrate tech use into their children’s lives in a healthy and balanced way. Both educators and parents are interested in helping kids with skill-development, and while technology and screens sometimes get a bad reputation, many

Ancient treasures abound

Ancient treasures abound in KNeoWorld’s amazing gamescape. What secrets can you unlock with this mysterious key?

KNeoWorld and Family Bonding Go Hand-In-Hand

Screen time is often portrayed as causing kids to zone out and become less engaged in the world around them. And while too much of anything is never a good idea, supervised, time-controlled use of devices with quality content can actually aid in cognition, learning, and social development. KNeoWorld was designed to turn screen time

KNeoWorld is Great for a Multicultural Classroom

“As an educator in one of NYC’s most diverse public schools, my classroom boasts many first-generation American and immigrant students from around the world. Even in 2017, it can be hard to find materials and content that features diverse children and positive role models. However, I still fight the good fight because empowering “my” kids

Gaming in the Classroom, Why It’s Great for Kids

If you’re a parent to a school-aged child, you may already be familiar with the increasingly important role online games are playing in the lives of today’s kids. From corporate training to classroom education, the use of technology and gamification to drive learning is taking off like never before. Never like this has technology mobilized

KNeoWorld Makes Learning On-The-Go Fun and Easy

Now that KNeoWorld is available on both the Apple App and Google Play Store, more children can experience the joy and fun of edutainment. With our new app for iPhone and Android devices, learning and play can be taken anywhere. Whether it’s a long car trip, waiting in the doctor’s office, or just kicking back

Strange Flat Metal Currencies

Can you believe that our Earthly ancestors used these strange, flat pieces of metal to pay for things? We learn so much about ancient people of this planet with KNeoWorld.

Worried Your Kid Would Rather Play than Study?

If like many parents, you’re worried that your child isn’t academically inclined enough. Take a deep breath and don’t panic. The following “Dear Carolyn” letter submitted to the Seattle Time is one you must read. Dear Carolyn DEAR CAROLYN: My son turned 5 right before the school year started. He’s clever and capable, but really

KNeoWorld is Changing Lives One Download at a Time

In case you haven’t yet heard the good news, KNeoWorld is now available for download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play via Android. KNeoWorld is a virtual treasure trove of learning and adventure, designed with curious kids in mind. Blast off on an epic quest to the not-so-faraway land of Earth in