Are Tablet Games Good for Kids?

In a world where technology is the norm, many parents are wondering how much is too much and how to integrate tech use into their children’s lives in a healthy and balanced way. Both educators and parents are interested in helping kids with skill-development, and while technology and screens sometimes get a bad reputation, many

KNeoWorld Makes Learning On-The-Go Fun and Easy

Now that KNeoWorld is available on both the Apple App and Google Play Store, more children can experience the joy and fun of edutainment. With our new app for iPhone and Android devices, learning and play can be taken anywhere. Whether it’s a long car trip, waiting in the doctor’s office, or just kicking back

Funds Raising Learning Bars

When It Comes to School Fundraising and Volunteering, How Much is Too Much? How many Americans parents stay up late baking cookies? How many leave work early for football games? According to data from the DOE’s National Household Education Surveys Program, about 42% of parents volunteered at their child’s school in 2016, and 58% participated

Repair Broken Antenna

Can you help the KNeoExplorers repair their broken antenna and contact the space station? Join KNeoWorld today to put your skills to the test.

Screen Time May be Therapeutic for Anxious Kids

Despite warnings that too much screen time is sure to rot kids’ brains, a new study conducted by a French hospital has concluded that giving kids iPads to play with before undergoing anesthesia is just as effective as the typical method of dosing them with sedatives. According to an article on "Our study showed

Precision Games

This will take some fancy moves to get the colored icon into the empty hole. You’ll need to cover your bases! Give it a try at

Helping Kids Read Nutrition Labels

With childhood obesity on the rise, the expanding waistlines of our youth has become a weighty matter.  Most parents don’t want to make kids feel self-conscious about their bodies, and psychologists have pointed out that parents “fat-shaming” kids and adolescents can do lasting harm. However, we all want the best for our kids and for

Help Your Kids Connect and Communicate

While it’s often said that life is not a popularity contest, most of us want our kids to succeed in the social world, to make friends, and feel connected to those around them. How can we, as parents and educators, help them to achieve this? Well, kids learn a lot through observation. This means we

Be An Explorer – A KNeoExplorer

The abandoned planet Earth holds endless wonders for the KNeoExplorers. Discover ancient worlds, long-lost treasures, and countless surprises along the way at 🗿 🏯

Galaxy Games with KNeoWorld

Every galaxy needs a hero. Find out what amazing adventures await the KNeoExplorers at 🚀🌎🗻