KNeoWorld Never Runs Out of Excitement

“With new episodes always available and games that keep getting better, KNeoWorld never runs out of excitement for my ten-year-old twin boys who are on the autism spectrum but highly functioning. They love the fascinating story, colorful characters and interesting situations and history they learn about. Both of them can sit quietly playing for hours, which is great as a single Dad who sometimes needs time to care of things at work and around the house.

Their mother and I noticed that after the divorce, they were both falling behind in school. While they both struggle with verbal expression, we think it was likely due to disruption in their living situation and other associated changes that come along with such things. It was a hard time for them and we felt terrible that they were suffering emotionally and academically. KNeoWorld was instrumental in helping them get back on track. With the help of their teachers, we set them up with kid-friendly tablets loaded with games, including KNeoWorld. It turned out to be their favorite by far and the response was so positive. Both of them are making great strides in their focus, attention and impulse-control, and are getting much closer to reading at grade-level (Something we have struggled with for years).

I cannot tell you how satisfying it is as a parent to two special needs children to see them thrive and be happy and I think KNeoWorld has certainly been an influence in their progress. Usually, I would feel guilty allowing them to use screens at all. However, our pediatrician says that up to two hours a day is fine and that more importantly, it’s the quality of the content they are viewing that matters. KNeoWorld fits the bill perfectly and I can be happy knowing that even though they are being entertained – they are also growing and learning! Thank you guys for creating this fabulous edutainment product for my boys.” – Dale B.

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