KNeoWorld is Binge-Worthy (And Blizzard-Approved!)

“Much like a great show on Netflix, KNeoWorld is binge-worthy. I try not to have my kids on screens too much during the week or when the weather is nice.  But during this week’s blizzard, I let them have at it! The kids were so engrossed in their game that they played until bedtime and still begged for more. The episodes really suck them in (in a good way) with their engaging graphics and kid-friendly storyline. The games are peppy and fun and make great brain-teasing exercises.

I’m not an educator, but as a mom of two, I trust KNeoWorld to be safe, educational, fun and free of advertising for my six-year-old daughter and my eight-year-old son. Best of all, they enjoy playing it together. Something that’s been hard for me to get them to do in the past. Because they are so close in age and the gender difference. My son has become like a little tutor to his little sister. Reading the story to her and helping her with some of the more challenging games. It warms my heart!

Give KNeoWorld a shot and see for yourself. You won’t regret it.” – Regina V.

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