Would You Give Your Child His or Her Own Tablet?

While kids using screens has long been a controversial issue, some parents are embracing the digital era by giving their children their own smartphones and tablets. While many balk at the idea of putting an expensive device with unlimited browsing capacity into the hands of a school aged child – many parents are happy to buy a tablet specifically for their children. In a number of cases, a parent will add content restrictions with filtering software and load the tablet with educational apps and games.

Since more parents are allowing their children to play with tablets, it’s unsurprising that a number of versions specifically targeted to kids are starting to hit the market. Ranging from $50-$200, these are more affordable and have specific features to protect and appeal to children. They also have the added benefit of freeing up mom and dad’s tablets so they can use them instead or avoid having children fight over the same device. For many parents, these kid-friendly electronics offer peace of mind for durability, cost, and safety. They can also provide the child an opportunity to learn responsibility by caring for his or her first electronic “toy”. However, some parents just opt to give their child an old tablet they no longer use when they are ready to upgrade to a new version, rather than drop the cash on something their child may outgrow in the next year or two.

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