Fresh Out of Fundraising Ideas for 2017? KNeoWorld Is Here for You

We all know that there’s no shortage of whacky and creative ideas out there for youth fundraising. From selling candy to having kids pay $3.00 to saran-wrap a friend, we’ve just about seen it all when it comes to raising money for schools and youth organizations.

With many parents and educators anxious about potential funding cuts to American public schools, kids and adults across the country are scrambling for ways to make ends meet throughput the school year and for extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many and it doesn’t seem to be changing yet.

If you’re already struggling to come up with new and creative ways to raise funds for your school or youth organization, KNeoWorld is an ideal way to make money year-round with minimal effort and no stress. Simply register your school or youth organization on our fundraising platform and receive 50% of the net proceeds from any KNeoWorld membership purchased with your unique fundraising code.

Get on board! This one is for everyone. Visit the link below and get started today.

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