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Forget Bake Sales and Door-Knocking. KNeoWorld Fundraising is Here to Help

As most parents can attest, there are few things more irritating than always being hit up for cash by your child’s school or youth club. And even if it’s not money they’re asking for – there is often an expectation on parents to frequently contribute time and money to help their kids raise funds.

Now, parents can leave these obligations in the past and breathe a little easier. KNeoWorld fundraising is the simplest and most effective way to raise funds for kids year-round with minimal effort. Instead of hosting time-consuming events or being pressured to sell things nobody wants or needs, you can help your child’s school or club raise funds by spreading the word about their KNeoWorld Fundraiser.

KNeoWorld is a virtual gaming adventure that combines the benefits of edutainment with an engaging story that kids love. Available on smartphone, tablets, and desktop, it keeps them entertained for hours while sharpening their brains and teaching them skills for future success. For every KNeoWorld membership purchased with your unique fundraising code, we’ll donate 50% of the net proceeds to your cause. There’s no selling involved – simply use your customizable Marketing Dashboard to spread the word to the community and watch the money roll in!

Ready to make 2017 your best fundraising year yet? Check out KNeoWorld fundraising to see the difference yourself

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