KNeoWorld is Binge-Worthy (And Blizzard-Approved!)

“Much like a great show on Netflix, KNeoWorld is binge-worthy. I try not to have my kids on screens too much during the week or when the weather is nice.  But during this week’s blizzard, I let them have at it! The kids were so engrossed in their game that they played until bedtime and

KNeoWorld Never Runs Out of Excitement

“With new episodes always available and games that keep getting better, KNeoWorld never runs out of excitement for my ten-year-old twin boys who are on the autism spectrum but highly functioning. They love the fascinating story, colorful characters and interesting situations and history they learn about. Both of them can sit quietly playing for hours,

KNeoWorld is in a Quality Class of Its Own

“KNeoWorld is sophisticated enough for older children, yet easy to navigate. It’s imaginative and colorful without being too childish. From the adventurous story to the interactive games, it has something for every kid to enjoy. One of its most positive features are that there are no ads directed at players, which is good news for

My Son’s Confidence Has Soared with KNeoWorld

We were delighted to find the following email from a mother in Bayonne, NJ in our inbox today and just couldn’t resist sharing it with our followers. At KNeoWorld, one of the most rewarding parts of creating this unique online learning game has been seeing the real-world impact it has on the lives of everyday

Gains without Pains

“KNeoWorld Fundraising Saved my Sanity” “As a single mom who attends community college and works two jobs to support my three children, I cannot describe how stressful it is to constantly be hit up for money by my kids’ school. This year, KNeoWorld Fundraising saved my sanity. Instead of being guilted into buying expensive things

KNeoWorld Fits Perfectly with My Daughter’s New Year’s Resolution!

“KNeoWorld fits perfectly with my daughter’s New Year’s resolution. She has promised herself that she would spend an hour each day on an educational activity besides school and homework. KNeoWorld will help her reach that goal while she’s having fun. Win/win!” – Tamara K. “So far I can’t say anything bad about this game. The

As the Mother of a Free-Spirited Black Girl, I Love KNeoWorld!

“Finally, an educational game that presents positive female and POC role models for my child. As the mother a free-spirited black girl, I love KNeoWorld! It helps her to shape an adventure with characters she can relate to while stretching her imagination. I’m a parent and an educator, so I will show this game to

Let’s Be Real: KNeoWorld Will Probably Save My Sanity This Winter

“I just had to write you guys to say ‘thanks’ for creating this awesome game. We live in Minnesota and the winters are brutal. While the kids love outdoor activities this time of year, it’s not always possible to get outside with extreme weather conditions. I’m so happy that KNeoWorld is there to save my

KNeoWorld = Guilt-Free Screen Time for Curious Kids

We love all the terrific feedback we get from parents and teachers who have given their kids the gift of KNeoWorld. This one just came in from a Dad from right here in NYC! “As parents, we often feel guilty about letting our son have too much screen time. But the reality is that screens

KNeoWorld Chases Away the “Winter Blues”

Amongst all the great feedback we get from parents and educators, some of the most excited are from those who live in cold climates. Everyone knows that kids love to play outside, but when snow and wind are in the forecast, it’s not always possible. Here’s an email we got from a mum in Chicago: “My