The Importance of Language Skills

Did you know that language skills, verbal reasoning, and self-control are inherently intertwined for children? A recent article in by Child Psychologist, Roger Alan Williams highlights just how important it is for children to have these skills for future success. While the piece primarily focuses on babies and early-learners, the same holds true for

Prioritising Tech Skills

In Israel, Tech Skills a Top Priority for Kids It may surprise you to learn that in Israel, children as young as kindergarten are learning robotics, fourth-graders are programming, and gifted 10th-graders are studying how to stop malicious hackers in their tracks. According a recent article by Daily Breeze, a recent announcement by the Israeli

Fatherly Friendship

Want Dads to be More Involved? Have Them Read to Kids According to a recent article by NPR, studies show that children with involved fathers are less disruptive and more well-socialised than their peers without quality paternal contact. Unfortunately, many fathers are not always eager to get involved with certain parental activities, such as parenting classes.

Why is Math So Difficult for my Child? Understanding Dyscalculia

  A lot of kids struggle with arithmetic, but could your child’s problem stem from something deeper? While many of us have heard of dyslexia, substantially fewer have any knowledge to dyscalculia, which is thought to affect approximately 6% of grade schoolers.   Dyscalculia is a learning disability that causes difficulty grasping and applying mathematic

Teach Your Child to be a Problem-Solver

Teach Your Child to be a Problem-Solver - As your child progresses through his or her development, they will undoubtedly face hurdles, obstacles and stumbling blocks along the way. Whether at school or at home, kids need practical problem-solving skills to navigate life’s little upsets. What can we do as parents to help them on

Coping Skills for Life: Helping Kids Deal with Stress

As our children move through each stage of cognitive development, their brains will go through substantial changes. From early childhood through late childhood and adolescence, kids will grow and develop by leaps and bounds. Even though we tend to focus on the “volatile teenage years,” it may surprise you to learn that the human brain

Sneaky Ways to Help Kids Learn

As busy parents, we want to help our children develop the skills they need to be productive and happy. And with all the growing expectations as to what it means to be “doing our jobs” and being “good parents,” it’s easy to feel inadequate or like we don’t quite measure up. Chin up Mom and

5 Important Skills Your Child Won’t Learn in School

With all the hype around kids’ academic achievement, it’s easy for parents to think their child needs to be a star mathlete or a budding chemist to have a successful future. And while most of us do want our kids to be STEM-savvy, voracious readers with excellent problem-solving skills, it’s important not to lose sight

Why Spatial Reasoning Matters

What is Spatial Reasoning? It’s the mental gymnastics that architects and engineers perform to bring bridges, buildings, and machinery to life. Surgeons use it to save lives and chemists use it to conceptualize the three-dimensional shape of a molecule. However, spatial reasoning is an essential skill starting from early childhood, when kids start to visualize

Does Learning Cursive Aid Cognitive Development?

As cursive continues to be phased out of most school curricula, many states are doing away with it all together. But according to educators in the know, this is not good news for kids. Cursive writing isn’t just pretty – it’s an essential method for skillbuilding. Children are now encouraged to move away from pen