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KNeoWorld is Binge-Worthy (And Blizzard-Approved!)

“Much like a great show on Netflix, KNeoWorld is binge-worthy. I try not to have my kids on screens too much during the week or when the weather is nice.  But during this week’s blizzard, I let them have at it! The kids were so engrossed in their game that they played until bedtime and

KNeoWorld Never Runs Out of Excitement

“With new episodes always available and games that keep getting better, KNeoWorld never runs out of excitement for my ten-year-old twin boys who are on the autism spectrum but highly functioning. They love the fascinating story, colorful characters and interesting situations and history they learn about. Both of them can sit quietly playing for hours,

KNeoWorld is in a Quality Class of Its Own

“KNeoWorld is sophisticated enough for older children, yet easy to navigate. It’s imaginative and colorful without being too childish. From the adventurous story to the interactive games, it has something for every kid to enjoy. One of its most positive features are that there are no ads directed at players, which is good news for

KNeoWorld is Great for a Multicultural Classroom

“As an educator in one of NYC’s most diverse public schools, my classroom boasts many first-generation American and immigrant students from around the world. Even in 2017, it can be hard to find materials and content that features diverse children and positive role models. However, I still fight the good fight because empowering “my” kids

KNeoWorld is Head and Shoulders Above Other Kids’ Games

Reposted with Permission of Kim Dennison “As an educator and former administrator who has been teaching longer than some of my students’ parents have been alive (40 years, eek!), I consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy for an old-timer. I regularly attend conferences and seek out continuing education opportunities for teachers aimed at bringing technology

My Son’s Confidence Has Soared with KNeoWorld

We were delighted to find the following email from a mother in Bayonne, NJ in our inbox today and just couldn’t resist sharing it with our followers. At KNeoWorld, one of the most rewarding parts of creating this unique online learning game has been seeing the real-world impact it has on the lives of everyday

Special for Special Education Class

KNeoWorld is an Ideal Tool for Any Resource Room or Special Education Class When we set out to develop KNeoWorld, we envisioned an inclusive platform that would appeal to any school-aged child from special needs to the most advanced learners. With the help of our highly skilled team of developers, artists, educators and storytellers we achieved

Breaking barriers

KNeoWorld Broke Barriers for My Child “My bright, beautiful daughter is a child with autism and as such, faces a few challenges that her neurotypical peers do not. KNeoWorld broke barriers for my child. When she plays the games, she’s just like any other kid, and it helps her to connect with her peers and

KNeoWorld Earns Yet Another Glowing Review from the Blogosphere

At KNeoWorld, we love hearing feedback from parents, kids, teachers and anyone else who enjoys the adventurous world of edutainment. We’ve been delighted from all the positive reviews we’ve received and the latest write-up from Mom and More is no exception. Here are a few gems from the review: “I was really surprised with how