Spot 10 Differences In The Picture

It's time to play an observation game with KNeoWorld again! Can you spot all the 10 differences hidden in this picture?

Spot 10 Differences

Hi Kids! Can you help our characters spot all the 10 differences that are hiding in the picture above? Lets see how well you pay attention to detail!

Spot 10 Differences

They look almost the same but are they really?  Spot all 10 differences for our picture game today!

Independence Day Word Search

Its the 4th of July and we have a Red, White and Blue word search game just for you! Can you find all the words on our Independence Day Word Search today?

Spot The Difference With The KNeoTeam

Mina, Neven and Ken make a great team! Here, they are getting some help from their drone friends. These images may look alike, but there are some differences between them. Can you figure them out? ⚡🖖🤖

Celebrate National Chocolate Day

What might one do on a day that demands Chocolate!?! Happy National Chocolate Day guys! Its nowhere close to Halloween yet but here's another excuse to gorge on chocolates!

Spot The Difference on the KNeoExplorer Ship

The KNeoExplorer’s ship sure is amazing. Here we see it getting ready for takeoff. Can you spot the differences between these two images? 🚀🌌🌎

Spot The Difference with Anya

Anya is enjoying her time in one of Earth’s enchanting forests. She’s sure to find plenty of artistic inspiration here. Can you spot the difference between these two images? 🌳🌿🍄

More Colors for Lazy Summer Afternoons

Keep those pencils sharp and your crayons peeled for adding dialogues and colors with our KNeoWorld print! Ready - Set - GO!