Fresh Out of Fundraising Ideas for 2017? KNeoWorld Is Here for You

We all know that there’s no shortage of whacky and creative ideas out there for youth fundraising. From selling candy to having kids pay $3.00 to saran-wrap a friend, we’ve just about seen it all when it comes to raising money for schools and youth organizations. With many parents and educators anxious about potential funding cuts

Easy Generous Contributions

Forget Bake Sales and Door-Knocking. KNeoWorld Fundraising is Here to HelpAs most parents can attest, there are few things more irritating than always being hit up for cash by your child’s school or youth club. And even if it’s not money they’re asking for – there is often an expectation on parents to frequently contribute time

Funds Raising Learning Bars

When It Comes to School Fundraising and Volunteering, How Much is Too Much? How many Americans parents stay up late baking cookies? How many leave work early for football games? According to data from the DOE’s National Household Education Surveys Program, about 42% of parents volunteered at their child’s school in 2016, and 58% participated

Raise Funds in 2017 Without Asking for Handouts

All schools and youth organizations could use funds to cover the costs of supplies, sports, special events and enrichment activities. So how do you raise funds without asking for donations? KNeoWorld Fundraising is here to help you raise money without stressful fundraisers or virtual panhandling. Forget door-to-door selling or making a GoFundMePage. It’s time to

On Cupcakes and Class Wars: Fundraising in an Economically Divided City

As NYC neighborhood demographics continue to change, many PTA parents find the issue of culture and class particularly challenging to navigate. In one NYC public school, the raising of a price of a bake sale cupcake from 50 cents to $1 put some families on edge. This happened in a neighborhood where the median income

New Year, New Fundraiser! Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet with KNeoWorld

With the New Year fast approaching, many youth organizations and schools have already donned their thinking caps to brainstorm fundraising ideas. While bake sales, can drives, and talent shows may be the usual suspects, why not trying something different? KNeoWorld is the ultimate low-stress, zero-calorie fundraising solution that brings the wonder of play and learning

With Budget Cuts Looming, Parents Brace Themselves for More Fundraising

Who ever said that public school was free? While some are able to shell out $75 for class photos or $350 for elementary field trips, many financially strapped parents report feeling “nickeled and dimed” by their children’s schools. As the divide between schools’ needs and their actual budget grows into a chasm, parents and guardians

A New Trend in School Fundraising: Keeping it Local

Among the bake sales, talent shows and raffles, a new type of fundraising is popping up in local skills. Artisanal coffees, chocolates, and organic produce from local vendors are quickly becoming the hot new fundraising items. To read more about this hot new trend check out this Washington Post article below.   Want a new

KNeoWorld Presents a Healthy Alternative to Traditional Fundraisers

With Halloween just around the corner, many kids are looking forward to consuming what may seem like their weight in sugary treats. With the approaching holidays and the fact that about one-half of kids’ calories are consumed at school, many parents and teachers are looking for alternatives to traditional food-centric fundraisers like bake sales and

Fundraising Is Essential for Kids’ Success

With the flurry of emails, letters, and flyers coming from your child’s school, perhaps none can strike fear into parents’ heart like a new fundraiser notice. And while many of us groan when we get that dreaded note about the latest talent show, magazine sale, or door-to-door solicitation, most of us know that fundraisers are