National Days In July

The 3rd week of July is National Parenting Gifted Children Week.  This year marks the fifth annual celebration to celebrate the joys and challenges of raising, guiding, and supporting bright young minds. There are lots of other fun days to celebrate this week too. 18th July is National Get Out of the Dog House Day

Fun National Days This Week

This week’s fun days will keep you busy.  Send an Emoji message to invite a lonely friend over for some French Fries! 11th July is National Cheer Up the lonely Day Visit someone, send flowers, make a phone call, send a card or any other activity that engages that person. You will feel better as

Here are some of the National Days in July

First of all, Happy 4th of July! And now we've got you wondering what other National Days are in store this July. Here's our list: National Independence Day National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day National Eat Your Beans Day National Simplicity Day National Give Something Away Day National Moon Day National Day of the Cowboy

National Camera Day

There is no better day than Camera Day to snap some photos during your lunch hour, on your commute to work, or whenever a moment of inspiration strikes. Cameras and photography have developed substantially over the years, from its early roots with the French inventor Joseph Niépce right up to modern day digital photography. Joseph Niépce

National Orange Blossom Day

Orange blossoms are not used directly as food, but they found their place in culinary dishes. Orange blossoms are used in different treats and desserts worldwide. Any dish will have a slight citrus flavor due to adding some orange blossoms. And drinks are especially delicious with orange blossoms. You can taste orange blossoms through honey.


National Chocolate Eclair Day is celebrated annually on June 22nd.  This is a day for everyone to enjoy a delicious cream-filled pastry that is covered in smooth chocolate. The dough of an eclair is piped into an oblong shape with a pastry bag and baked until it is crisp and hollow on the inside.  Once

National American Eagle Day

Observed each year on June 20th is National American Eagle Day.  This day is set aside to honor our national symbol, raise awareness for protecting the Bald Eagle, assist in the recovery of their natural environments and take part in educational outreach. The Bald Eagle is both the national bird and the national animal of

National Smile Power Day

National Smile Power Day is a day for everyone to share the power of the smile. From the good morning greeting and the first “How may I help you?” present yourself with a smile.  No matter where you are employed, job seeking, retired or looking for new horizons starting the day with a smile is

National Best Friends Day

Today is National Best Friends Day! Best friends may be hard to find, but life just wouldn’t be the same without them. Today is our opportunity to celebrate that one special person in our lives who has always been there for us. Take a moment to send a beautiful free eCard to your best friend

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Higher Education Day

National Higher Education Day is observed annually on June 6th. Exponential costs of higher education have turned a college degree into something of a luxury for many Americans. Because of the cost of a college education, a degree is out of reach for many students unless they receive financial aid and scholarships. Educating and motivating