Are Tablet Games Good for Kids?

In a world where technology is the norm, many parents are wondering how much is too much and how to integrate tech use into their children’s lives in a healthy and balanced way. Both educators and parents are interested in helping kids with skill-development, and while technology and screens sometimes get a bad reputation, many

KNeoWorld and Family Bonding Go Hand-In-Hand

Screen time is often portrayed as causing kids to zone out and become less engaged in the world around them. And while too much of anything is never a good idea, supervised, time-controlled use of devices with quality content can actually aid in cognition, learning, and social development. KNeoWorld was designed to turn screen time

KNeoWorld Makes Learning On-The-Go Fun and Easy

Now that KNeoWorld is available on both the Apple App and Google Play Store, more children can experience the joy and fun of edutainment. With our new app for iPhone and Android devices, learning and play can be taken anywhere. Whether it’s a long car trip, waiting in the doctor’s office, or just kicking back

KNeoWorld is Changing Lives One Download at a Time

In case you haven’t yet heard the good news, KNeoWorld is now available for download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play via Android. KNeoWorld is a virtual treasure trove of learning and adventure, designed with curious kids in mind. Blast off on an epic quest to the not-so-faraway land of Earth in

Positivity Over Complication

KNeoWorld is a Positive Oasis for Kids in a Complicated World Turn on the news, open a newspaper, or even log on to social media and you’re sure to be blasted with the latest bad news. Even as an adult, it can be very stressful to behold current events and stay positive and grounded, but

Use Inspire Engage

Use KNeoWorld to Inspire and Engage Now that most kids are just about halfway through their school years, it’s not surprising that many may be feeling a little uninspired in and out of the classroom. With the daily grind of tests, quizzes, homework (and not to mention dull winter weather), getting off track in school

On the Move

Take KNeoWorld on All of Their Adventures For families with kids on the go, the portability of KNeoWorld is a major selling point. In case you missed it, we’re now available not just on desktop and tablet, but also on iPhone and Android phones as well! Whether you’re embarking on your next flight or a

Determining Right Direction

Should You Use Parental Controls for Electronics?  The Internet is a little like the Wild West, a seemingly endless frontier and equally as unpredictable. Anyone who has ever typed a seemingly innocent search phrase into Google and come up with an embarrassing “whoopsie” knows exactly what I mean! For parents who want to keep their

KNeoWorld now at the Apple App Store

Start spreading the news… KNeoWorld Galaxy Rising is available on iOS!  This awesome story-based learning game loved by kids, teachers and parents, is now packed into a super Apple App of 8 episodes and over 20 games, including a cool arcade that levels up as you do. With 24 exciting episodes and over 120 games in

Use KNeoworld to Foster Healthy Competition

  Life is full of competition and childhood is no exception. There is nothing wrong with healthy competition. In fact, competition is a great motivator to improve and get better at the things we want to do. Healthy competition teaches kids to be their best while instilling values like teamwork and a strong work ethic.