This place is so inspiring

This place is so inspiring! Let’s see what else we can learn about these masterpieces.

Observation and multiplication skills

Test your skills of observation and multiplication with this unique game. Pick out the right coin based on the math problem above.

Teamwork conquers success

Dividing and conquering spells success. While the rest of the KNeoExplorers are out exploring. Seth holds down the ship. That’s teamwork!

Do you have good reflexes?

Do you have good reflexes? Drop the blocks at the right time and place to create your own building.

Ancient Trading of Coins

Oh, wow! Look at all these coins. Ancient humans must have traded these for good and services when Earth was their home. I wonder what else we can find here?

An ancient temple stocked with weird mysteries

This ancient temple is stocked with weird mysteries. Let’s get to the bottom of this together. Join KneoWorld today.

Ancient treasures abound

Ancient treasures abound in KNeoWorld’s amazing gamescape. What secrets can you unlock with this mysterious key?