The Most Important “Second Language” Teaching Kids How to Code

As 21st-century parents and educators, we are all invested in making sure kids have the skills they need to survive and thrive in a rapidly-changing economy. There is no doubt that the future is digital. Technology is infused into our daily lives and will likely continue to define (and redefine) the human experience for generations

Making Learning Fun with Symposiums

While some students want to run home a soon as the last bell rings, after school symposiums are making more kids eager to stay longer and keep learning. More schools around the country are introducing enriching after school activities with opportunities to participate in things like LEGO construction, robotics, calligraphy, and dance. Instead of hammering

Would You Give Your Child His or Her Own Tablet?

While kids using screens has long been a controversial issue, some parents are embracing the digital era by giving their children their own smartphones and tablets. While many balk at the idea of putting an expensive device with unlimited browsing capacity into the hands of a school aged child – many parents are happy to

Gaming in the Classroom, Why It’s Great for Kids

If you’re a parent to a school-aged child, you may already be familiar with the increasingly important role online games are playing in the lives of today’s kids. From corporate training to classroom education, the use of technology and gamification to drive learning is taking off like never before. Never like this has technology mobilized

Worried Your Kid Would Rather Play than Study?

If like many parents, you’re worried that your child isn’t academically inclined enough. Take a deep breath and don’t panic. The following “Dear Carolyn” letter submitted to the Seattle Time is one you must read. Dear Carolyn DEAR CAROLYN: My son turned 5 right before the school year started. He’s clever and capable, but really

Bond of brothers

One Brother Has Autism. One Does Not. Their Relationship Will Warm Your Heart At KNeoWorld, some of our most rewarding work has been in working with special needs students, and particularly, kids on the Autism spectrum. We stumbled upon this video today and we couldn’t help but share a smile with our followers. Both boys are

Between Computer Literacy and Literature

Almost Half of UK Parents Computer Skills Are More Valuable Than Shakespeare. What Does This Mean for Kids? According to an article recently published by Mirror, UK, 44% of parents surveyed would rather their children learn how to build a website than familiarize themselves with the words of Shakespeare. And perhaps more surprisingly, 33% claimed that

Educating through Entertainment

5 Things to Know About Edutainment If you’re still not familiar with the concept of edutainment, there’s no better time to learn! Combining education with entertainment, often through the aid of technology, will continue to be one of the hottest developments in kids’ education in 2017. Here are just a few things you should know

Stories have influencing powers

Why the Stories We Tell Children Matter Has your child resolved to read more in 2017? Do you want to encourage a love of learning in your kids? Or maybe just share your love of books with the next generation? Well, consider with some care, because the stories we share with our children can make

Make Edutainment Part of your 2017 Classroom Curriculum

  A new year means a new opportunity to give your students the best classroom engagement you can. With virtual reality becoming increasingly mainstream, many educators are embracing this multimodal way to enhance learning and make it more engaging for kids of all ages. Amongst the many positive educational effects of gaming are improved hand-eye