4 Benefits of Online Learning Games for Kids

As we continue rolling out KNeoWorld to the American market, we’ve discovered how online learning has even more benefits than we previously thought for learners aged 6-12. This unique age group has moved past the “baby games” that some of our competitors offer and are looking for a virtual learning experience that is both challenging and engaging.

While classroom learning is still necessary for a child’s total enrichment, e-learning through games is an important component for building 21st-century skills like critical thinking and logical reasoning. Here are just four of its benefits:

Reducing Stress and Learning at Their Own Pace

For introverted children, classroom situations can be stressful, especially when pressure to perform and answer questions in front of others comes into play. Online learning allows children to go at their own pace without the pressure of an audience. Learners can slow down when learning a new concept or get multiple chances if they don’t get it right the first time. They can also speed up once they get more advanced, not having to worry about going at the rest of the group’s pace.

Stimulating the Child’s Interests

Online learning games give learners the chance to be exposed to concepts and topics they otherwise would not be. This allows them to gain ownership of their own experience and feel in control of what they focus on, giving them a break from rigid curriculum standards. It also encourages learning in their free time, expanding on the classroom experience and making them like mini subject matter experts in topics like math, sciences or the arts.

Improved Tracking and Assessment

Besides the excitement of an episode-based comic and learning games, KNeoWorld provides players, teachers and parents with a dashboard where they can see real-time progress reports on each player’s performance. This gives an easy way to objectively assess performance in each academic subject and coach kids’ on how to improve their skills. Parents can stay on top of their child’s academic progress and teachers can use this data to formulate lesson plans for their students.

Convenient Learning Without Geographical Barriers

As long as there is an internet connection for a computer or data for a phone or tablet, a child’s learning can take place anywhere, any time. This is very convenient for families on-the-go and allows parents to give their kids the screen time they want, without feeling guilty for “rotting their brains”. Some kids like to jump online for a few minutes before school or before bed and online learning games allow a child’s learning to take place at the time that makes sense for them.


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