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KNeoWorld is where education meets entertainment.

This award-winning game platform is an epic adventure where you can unlock Earth’s mysteries to save the future.

KNeoWorld players join the KNeoExplorers on an exciting journey to recover the lost world and to build a better tomorrow.

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A new world-new rules

About Us

KNeoWorld is for the creators of tomorrow. Smarter games and a world with infinite possibilities. Challenge yourself and chart your skills. Earn badges, post your ranking on the leader-board. Invite your friends. Power-up your imagination.

Our games are not only entertaining; they encompass a variety of valuable skills for today’s learners. Everything from math and science to logic and social skills and even art appreciation and spatial reasoning – we cover it all!

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game-based learning


KNeoWorld Game Based Learning video games are designed to be fun and challenging, to serve as an adjunct to classroom academics. Not to replace math, science, reading, geography, social studies lessons but to enhance them—to make those subjects more fun for Primary School students to learn.

Our games are designed for different ages and grades, and for different abilities, from special needs students to the most gifted and talented, to teach the higher order skills required by children to succeed in today’s knowledge-based economy – we go beyond school and beyond homework.


Bring fun and learning home with KNeoWorld. Our games are not only entertaining; they also have measurable educational benefits for kids of all ages. KNeoWorld is designed to sharpen kids brains by helping to develop the skills they need to succeed in today’s knowledge-based economy.

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KNeoWorld raises money for YOUR school!

KNeoWorld’s Fundraising Program combines the wonders of game-based learning with outstanding financial benefits for schools. It is hassle-free – no buying or selling necessary! Simply register your school to receive your free personalized promotional kit. Then, spread the news to your community by encouraging parents to register their children for KNeoWorld, using your school code.

50% of every purchased membership is donated straight back to your school by KNeoWorld.

Each membership includes 3 player accounts for just $4.99 a month or $50.00 a year. Unlike many game portals, KNeoWorld is safe, secure and free of advertising or hidden costs.

Still not convinced? Thousands of children have already reached their potential thanks to KNeoWorld game-based learning. Kids and parents love us, and PTAs choose us.


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