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Technology-Based Learning For Kids of All Ages

We captivate imagination and unlock hidden potential

We engage kids at their own level to help them build confidence, solve problems, focus, reason, and be resilient. Our specialized game-based learning programs are designed for all learning abilities and includes a dedicated course for special needs students to help them reach their potential. And gameplay makes learning fun.

Jacqueline A. Nunn, EdD
Professor and Associate Dean, Johns Hopkins University
Director Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education



We help kids achieve through technology – school by school, classroom by classroom, student by student

Technology today is vital to learning and teaching. So we worked with educators to create learning programs that enhance academic performance and allow teachers to assess individual progress in real time over time.

Our proprietary analytics dashboard allows teachers to monitor individual student performance in six categories of learning: literacy, memory, reasoning, math, art, and science.

Building knowledge is an essential key to education—and education requires technology. Connecting kids through technology is a necessary part of the equation to effectively teach and adequately learn.


KNeoWorld games make a difference in how kids learn—and how we teach them.

Our programs are designed to engage students so they can focus and learn. But kids learn differently. So we’ve designed games to challenge students of all ages and all abilities.

KNeoESP — Exceptional Student Program

Special educational programs for special needs students

  • Immersive learning
  • Focus improves behavior
  • Analytics dashboard for teacher feedback
  • Engagement improves concentration
  • Progress at their own pace
  • Collaborative-learning opportunities
  • Memory and reasoning skills improve

KNeoEd — A learning adventure story

A journey of discovery, exploration, and challenge

  • Enthralling story of discovery set in the future
  • Enhances reading and comprehension
  • Improves memory and reasoning
  • Educators track performance in real time over time
  • Challenges students to solve problems as difficulty increases
  • Stimulates curiosity and imagination
  • Endorsed by educators for elementary school curriculum


Creating innovative learning tools that inspire and educate

KneoWorld game-based learning is in active use throughout the public school system in all five boroughs of New York City in general education and special needs classrooms.

We work closely with educators and administrators of curricula being developed to help students of all abilities master academic and life skills so they can reach their full potential and live meaningful lives.

Our New York-based team conducts focus groups in general education and special needs classrooms as we develop new games for our KNeoEd game-based learning programs. Based on teacher input and student involvement and observation, we modify our games, challenge levels, scoring systems, and analytics to meet teacher and student needs and achieve educational goals.

Professional development workshops are held in schools for all principals and teachers who use KNeoEd game-based learning programs in their classrooms.

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